Hi! I'm Valerie!

I provide content services faithful to your story, your brand, and your voice. 

I’m a best-selling author and storyteller specializing in content aligned with a traditional biblical worldview. 

I provide writing, editing, grant writing, and other web and print publishing services for ministries and nonprofit organizations, as well as publishing agencies and indie authors. 

I promise to be faithful to your story, your brand, and your voice, because every creator deserves to feel empowered to encourage their audience.



Free Resources

Authors, this page is for you! Learn more about the tools and process I use to edit a manuscript, how to evaluate what your manuscript needs, special concerns for Christian authors, and much more!

Proofreading and Editing

It’s your story, not mine. I’m here to make sure your message is clear and to smooth out any rough spots. I am faithful to your voice while I polish your piece according to the standard industry style guides and your preferences. We’ll work together, so we’re both excited to uplift your readers. 

Content and Ghost Writing

Whether it’s web content, downloads, e-books, print books, or devotions, I write engaging content in your brand voice to inform and inspire your audience. 


You’re looking for someone who understands more than just punctuation and grammar. You need someone who understands and is faithful to you and your message.

Not sure if I’m the right woman for your project? Look at what I’ve done and see what others are saying. I’m happy to chat when you’re done.

Get in Touch

Do you have a few questions to determine if I’m the right person for your project? Do you want to chat? Schedule a call or send me a message. I typically respond to emails within 24 hours.